Open call for a STSM 

The purpose of the short term scientific mission (STSM)  is to support working visits to laboratories and institutions of COST Action FP1407 member countries.

10 STSM are available for funding in the current round covering the period 1st May 2018 to 10th March 2019. Everyone is encouraged to apply, but especially PhD students and Early Stage Researchers.
The maximum amount of funding per STSM is €2400. Please consider taking advantage of the opportunity.

STSMs can be from any Group/University/Institute from a country that has joined the Action to another Group/University/Institute in another member country in the Action.


Important dates

Deadline for submission of Applications:
No less than 4 weeks before planned start of the STSM

Deadline for completion of the STSM:
March 10th, 2019.


Application Procedure

Applications must be made online using the official COST registration tool which can be found at www.cost.eu/stsm.

The information required for the application includes: dates of STSM, length of stay, title of planned scientific activity, short description of the work-plan, short CV and a budget request (to cover travel and living expenses during the STSM)

In addition to the information required by the COST Office, applicants should also provide the following information to the Action MC Chair (Andreja Kutnar: Andreja.kutnar@upr.si) and to the STSM's Manager (Lauri Rautkari: lauri.rautkari@aalto.fi), preferably in .pdf format:

  • a short abstract of the scope of the STSMs (1/2 page)
  • a plan of the work to be carried out (1 page, approx.)
  • a covering letter stating the benefits to be obtained from the STSM
  • full CV
  • letter of agreement from the host institution
  • letter of support from the home institution
Please use the the following application template.

The applications will be assessed by the Action's Core Group and will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • scientific quality
  • relevance to the Action
  • benefit to the applicant
  • STSMs for periods of one to two weeks would be preferable and may be given priority. The final decision on the approval of the STSMs applications should be expected within 2-4 weeks of submission.

After the STSM

After completing your mission, you are required to provide the following documents to the STSM's Manager (Lauri Rautkari: lauri.rautkari@aalto.fi):

  1. A scientific report (please use this report template)
  2. An official letter / email from a senior researcher affiliated to the Host Institution formally accepting the scientific report

For any additional information please contact Andreja Kutnar: Andreja.kutnar@upr.si) and to the STSMs Manager (Lauri Rautkari: lauri.rautkari@aalto.fi), Additional information on STSMs can also be obtained from your country's Management Committee members.