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Holzforschung Austria (HFA) is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Austrian Society for Wood Research founded in 1948. In 1953, HFA began its work and with currently 80 employees it is the largest research and testing institute for wood in Austria. From a technical point of view it is the only institute which addresses the entire value chain – beginning from the storing of wood in the forest, wood processing to the different products. Bordering disciplines such as surface coatings, wood preservatives and adhesives are also within its scope. Research activities are practice-oriented. The projects are conducted in close collaboration with small and large companies in the industry. The institute works frequently for its customers as their external research and development department. Our specialists cover a wide range of technical fields and topics spanning over several fields are addressed in an interdisciplinary way. At HFA the industrial competence centre wood technology was established in 2002 to prepare the basis for innovations. The HFA is also a member of the consortium of cooperative research facilities of the Austrian industry - Austrian Cooperative Research (ACR). In the area of testing and inspection Holzforschung Austria is accredited for all relevant testing and inspection procedures by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy of the Republic of Austria (BMWFW) and the Austrian Institute for structural engineering (OIB). Testing and inspection reports are internationally recognised. Since 2006 HFA has also been accredited by the BMWA as a calibration laboratory for round timber. The experts at Holzforschung Austria also prepare expert’s reports and are engaged in national as well as international standardisation committees.

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