Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology

Department:Material & Process

P.O. Box 113 Blindern
NO-0314 Norway

Contact email: firmapost@treteknisk.no

Web page: www.treteknisk.no     

Brief presentation of the institution: 
Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology is the R&D centre for the sawmill and timber industry in Norway. Our main tasks are research and development projects, quality control, quality documentation, laboratory tests and diffusion of knowledge from R&D to the Norwegian wood industry.

Main FP1407 related research topics:
life cycle assessment, durability of wood products

Brief information on available facilities:
Equipment available: 
Simapro software of LCA

Willingness to accept/host visiting researchers:
  Senior Researchers

Projects related to FP1407:
CreoSub is a Wood Wisdom-Net project on substitutes to creoste. Includes life cycle assessments.


Member email ESR/ECI WG1 WG2 WG3 WG4
Tellnes, Larslars.tellnes@treteknisk.no