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Largo Tinoco de Sousa
Vila Nova Famalicão
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The Lusiada Universities seek to imbue young men and women with a strong sense of citizenship, ethics, and social, cultural, and professional values, by means of teaching and research leading toward the sustainable development of society. We prepare our students as people, citizens, and professionals ready to join the workforce and society, balancing humanistic, critical, and reflexive education that always seeks to place knowledge at the service of Man and the building of a better world, based on mutual respect and justice.

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Equipment available: 
General Description The Laboratory belongs to the Department of Engineering of the University Lusíada and is a unit which carries out experimental works in three directions: a) Pedagogical tests in the scope of different curricular units; b) Tests in the frame of research, development and innovation activities; c) Tests in the frame of applied research and consultancy activities in Civil Engineering. Existing equipment The laboratory is equipped with several equipments which to allow the realization of a large number of tests; the principal equipments are listed below: - Cranes (2 units); - Servo-controlled systems (2 units); - Universal testing machine (1 unit); - Steel frames (several); - Climatic chambers; - Several dataloggers and sensors (load cells, LVDTs, clip gauges, …) from NI, HMB, RDP, PCB; - Several equipment for NDT testing; - Cement mixer (1 unit)

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Emergency architecture: sustainable projects based on timber modified innovative systems


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FEIO, Arturarturfeio@gmail.com  
FEIO, Arturarturfeio@gmail.com