Technical University in Zvolen, Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology

Department:Dept. of Marketing, Trade and World Forestry

T. G. Masaryka 24
96053 Slovakia

Contact email: kaputa@tuzvo.sk

Web page: http://www.tuzvo.sk/en/     

Brief presentation of the institution: 
The TUZVO is currently a top-level Slovak scientific and research, and educational institution of the international importance working in a wide sphere of problems of forest – wood – the environment. Nowadays the Technical University in Zvolen has the four faculties: – Faculty of Forestry, – Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology, – Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, – Faculty of Environmental and Manufacturing Technology.

Main FP1407 related research topics:
- analyses of wood products market - perceptions and attitudes of consumers towards wood products - analysis of wood flows - wood products utilisation - wood products trade and marketing (B2B, B2C)

Brief information on available facilities:
Equipment available: 
To put study programmes in action and solve tasks of scientific research, there are specialised laboratories aimed e.g. at structure, physical and mechanical wood properties, drying and hydrothermic wood treatment, glue laboratory, furniture design ateliers, physical and chemical, geological laboratory, laboratory of genetic analyses, laboratory of ergonomics, laboratory of geodesy and geoinformatics, woodworking machines, spectrometry, environmental monitoring, mechatronics and dynamical systems, logical systems, etc. Virtual cave simulating processes in the forest in located in the Development Workshops and Laboratories of TUZVO.

Willingness to accept/host visiting researchers:
  Senior Researchers

Projects related to FP1407:
- OP EU - ITMS 26110230087: Increasing human capacity for transfer of research and development knowledge of biomass production and processing into practice. - COST Action FP1104: New possibilities for print media and packaging - combining print with digital - VEGA PROJECT 1/0387/13: A comprehensive model of wood chain comparative advantages - VEGA PROJECT 1/0385/13: Modelling substitution changes at timber market under the increasing demand for renewable energy. resources - NFP26220120021: Centre of Excellence: Adaptive forest ecosystems - NFP26220120049: Completing the Centre of Excellence: Adaptive forest ecosystems - VEGA 1/0756/16: Identification of consumer segments according to their affinity for environmental marketing strategies of businesses entities in Slovakia


Member email ESR/ECI WG1 WG2 WG3 WG4
Kaputa Vladislavkaputa@tuzvo.skyes - until 2017