Karadeniz Technical University

Department:Forest Products Engineering

KTÜ, Faculty of Forestry
61080 Turkey

Contact email: temiz@ktu.edu.tr

Web page: http://www.ktu.edu.tr/oem     

Brief presentation of the institution: 
The Forest Products Engineering Department founded in 1971 has currently 36 faculty members (15 professors, 2 associate professors, 8 assistant professors and 11 researchers), who serve in five sub-divisions in the department namely; wood mechanics, wood deterioration and protection, forest products chemistry, forest industry management and pulp and paper.

Main FP1407 related research topics:
wood modification

Brief information on available facilities:
Equipment available: 
Treatment chambers, Accelerated weathering test, ICP, DSC, GC, HPLC

Willingness to accept/host visiting researchers:

Projects related to FP1407:
Effects of Bio and Epoxidised vegetable oils on wood properties


Member email ESR/ECI WG1 WG2 WG3 WG4
TEMIZ, Alitemiz@ktu.edu.tr