Mikkeli University of Applied Science

Department:Department of Forestry and Environmental Engineering

P.O. Box 181
50101 Finland

Contact email: olli.paajanen@mamk.fi

Web page: www.mamk.fi     

Brief presentation of the institution: 
The wood laboratory of the Mikkeli University of Applied Science is located in the South Savo region. Our main activities are wood research, testing services for companies and teaching. At the moment our focus areas in research are wood modification, wood impregnation and wood processing. We have co-operation with universities, research institutions and companies.

Main FP1407 related research topics:
Wood modification in general, especially, thermal modification and wax modification; life cycle assessment.

Brief information on available facilities:
Equipment available: 
We have extensive equipment for material testing and analysis: e.g. SEM-EDS, dynamical mechanical analysis (DMA), TGA analyzer, DSC, gas chromatography etc. We have a laboratory for biological testing (fungi etc.) and equipment for accelerated weather testing (Xenon and UV test chambers). Also wood working equipment, CNC, hybrid drying kiln, climate chambers and devices for wood impregnation and modification.

Willingness to accept/host visiting researchers:
  Senior Researchers

Projects related to FP1407:
Pumok - Development of Wood Modification Development of Wood Thermal Treatment


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Paajanen, Olliolli.paajanen@mamk.fiESR 
Turunen, Hannuhannu.turunen@mamk.fiESR