University of Eastern Finland

Department:School of Forest Sciences

Joensuu Campus, Faculty of Science and Forestry, Yliopistokatu 7, PO BOX 111
80101 Finland

Contact email: antti.haapala@uef.fi

Web page: http://www2.uef.fi/en/metsa/school-of-forest-sciences     

Brief presentation of the institution: 
The School of Forest Sciences is an international research and teaching unit with the focus on forests, wood and environmental issues. The School of Forest Sciences includes research and education in forest ecology, forest protection, silviculture, forest inventory, forest management planning, forest economics, forest policy, wood materials science and forest and wood technology.

Main FP1407 related research topics:
- Net-climate impact assessment of biomass production and utilization - Effects of forest management on timber production - Weathering and structural changes in thermally modified wood - Bio-based wood preservation and modification - Substitution of carbon-intensive materials by forest-based products

Brief information on available facilities:
Equipment available: 
- LCA tool that integrated LCA and forest ecosystem modelllng (Kilpeläinen et al. 2011, Global Change Biology Bioenergy) - Wood Materials Laboratories - The joint research infrastructure available for UEF group at the university campus is reasonable well documented in the SIB Labs web pages (https://www2.uef.fi/fi/siblabs). - Additional devices and user support are routinely provided by the Finnish Forest Research Centre and European Forest Institute’s laboratories at Joensuu campus.

Willingness to accept/host visiting researchers:
  Senior Researchers

Projects related to FP1407:
- METY - tool for economic and environmental assessment of forest bioenergy (see: http://www2.uef.fi/fi/mety) - Effects of long-term weather and moisture exposure on the structure and properties of thermally modified wood - Bio-based wood protection by polyphenolics and nanocelluloses - Glulam timber enforcement by natural fiber solutions


Member email ESR/ECI WG1 WG2 WG3 WG4
HAAPALA, Anttiantti.haapala@uef.fiESR  
KILPELÄINEN, Anttiantti.kilpelainen@uef.fi