Presentations given at the COST Action FP1407's First International Conference, "Life cycle assessment, EPDs, and modified wood"

Frank Werner
  PCR development and EPD (for wood products) - the European context
Tellnes, L. G. F
  Experiences with PCR for wood products and EPDs for modified wood in Norway – The role of biogenic carbon
Tarmo Räty
  PEnA-Db: Integration of LCI and EPDs with decision making   
Friderik Knez
  Experience in environmental declarations programme ZAG EPD
Flavie Lowres, Elodie Macé, Nigel Jones, Ed Suttie
  Materials credits within BREEAM – LCA, the Green Guide and timber
David Hopkins, Ed Suttie, Owen Abbe
  The Wood for Good life cycle database of timber products
Anna Sandak
  Bio-materials for building envelope - expected performance, life cycle costing & controlled degradation - Bio4ever project approach
Jakub Sandak, Anna Sandak, Mariapaola Riggio
  Bio-based building materials: aesthetical service life and customer’s environmental conciseness
Hermann Achenbach, Sebastian Rüter
  Life cycle assessment of pre-fabricated timber houses according to the European state-of-the-art standards
Johann Charwat-Pessler, Rudolf Schraml, Karl Entacher, Andreas Uhl, Alexander Petutschnigg
  Traceability within the wood supply chain: an opportunity defining system boundaries
Mario Marra, Ottaviano Allegretti, Stefano Guercini
  Life Cycle Assessment of ThermoVacuum treated softwood timber with comparison to untreated and preserved cladding
Jin-Bo HU, Campbell SKINNER, Graham ORMONDROYD, Gianluca TONDI, Antonio PIZZI,  Marie-France THEVENON
  Life cycle assessment of a novel tannin-boron association for wood protection
Lauri Linkosalmi, Kristiina Laine, Lauri Rautkari
  Life cycle impacts of modified wood products
L. Beesley, K. Mitchell, L. Mollon, G.J. Norton
  Mobility and toxicity of heavy metal(loid)s arising from contaminated wood ash application to a pasture grassland soil
P. Rademacher, P. Paril, J. Baar, R. Rousek, D. Meier, G. Koch, U.Schmitt
  Improvement of wood properties due to impregnation of wood with renewable liquids from different process residues of native origin
Benedikt Neyses, Dick Sandberg, Olle Hagman, Magnus Wålinder
  Development of a continuous wood surface densification process with a reduced environmental impact
Kévin Candelier, Marie-France Thévenon, Anélie Pétrissans, Stéphane Dumarçay, Philippe Gérardin, Mathieu Pétrissans
  Main analysing methods used to control wood thermal treatment efficiency on its conferred decay resistance
Andreja Kutnar, Michael Burnard, Matthew Schwarzkopf, Črtomir Tavzes
  InnoRenew CoE - Renewable Materials and Healthy Environments Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence
Rajat Panwar
  Advancing LCA application in the wood sector
Manja Kitek Kuzman, Mirko Kariz
  The use of modified wood in Slovenia
Malick Diakhaté, Seif Eddine Hamdi, Emilio Bastidas-Arteaga, Rostand Moutou-Pitti
  Experimental characterization of wood mechanical performance in constant environment: use of acoustic emission to monitor crack tip propagation
Patrícia S. B. dos Santos, Silvia H. F. da Silva, Caroline R. Soares, Darci A. Gatto, Jalel Labidi
  Effect of natural weathering and accelerated aging on Brazilian wood Pinus 
Miha Humar, Davor Kržišnik, Boštjan Lesar, Nejc Thaler, Mojca Žlahtič
  Characterisation of interactions between thermally modified wood and water 
Tomasz Krystofiak, Barbara Lis, Monika Muszyńska
  Study of interactions between PVAC adhesives and wood after thermo-mechanical (TM) modification
Václav Sebera, Martin Brabec, Petr Čermák, Jan Tippner, Jaromír Milch
  Analysis of neutral axis position in thermally modified wood using DIC
Daniela T. Silva, René Herrera, Berta M. Heinzmann, Jalel Labidi
  Decay resistance and physicochemical properties of wood preservatives based on Ocotea acutifolia leaves extracts
Ali Temiz, Engin Derya Gezer, Selçuk Akbaş, Gaye Köse Demirel
  Effects of Bio and Epoxidized Oil on Physical and Biological Properties of Treated Wood
Maria-Cristina Popescu, Carmen-Mihaela Popescu
  Structure evaluation of the modified wood through different spectral techniques
Giacomo Goli, Francesco Negro, Corrado Cremonini, Roberto Zanuttini, Marco Fioravanti
  Feasibility of highly durable plywood production with poplar wood as a substitute of tropical species
Andris Morozovs, Edgars Bukšāns, Uldis Spulle
  Mineral-plant-fibre composite coating as cellular wood protector against fire
Liljana Rušnjak, Michael Burnard, Andreja Kutnar
  Waste wood management and processing - opportunities for reducing the environmental impact of ports
Michael Burnard, Jessica.Meyer-Rachner, Manja Kitek Kuzman, Anne Toppinnen, Tobias Stern
  User perceptions of innovation in wood-based products from Slovenia, Austria, Finland, and Germany
Seif Eddine Hamdi, Rostand Moutou Pitti
  Characterization of cracked wood under thermo-hydro-mechanical and viscoelastic behaviour
Róbert Németh, Dimitrios Tsalagkas, Miklós Bak
  Changes in the modulus of elasticity of beeswax impregnated wood during soil contact
Straže A., Fajdiga G., Pervan S., Gorišek Ž.
  Impact of thermal treatment on moisture-dependent elasto-plastic behaviour of beech wood
Aleksandar Lovrić, Vladislav Zdravković, Nebojša Todorović, Goran Milić
  Influence of Thermal Modification of Poplar Veneers and Plywood Construction on Shear Strength