Presentations given at the COST Action FP1407's Second International Conference, "Innovative production technologies and increased wood products recycling and reuse"


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Day 1 - 29 Sept. 2016


Session I

Richter, Klaus   Cascade use of wood –illusion or silver bullet for sustainability ?
Rozanska A., Policinska-Serwa A   Antique wooden floor reuse possibilities in view of their usage properties preservation

Rademacher P., Rousek R., Krüger M., Baar J., Čermák P., Melcher E., Koch G., Németh R., Pařil P., Paschová Z., Paul D., Potsch T., Vavřík D., Kumpová I., Hofmann T., Sipos G., Bak M. & Hapla F.

  Native oak wood properties – limitations in wood utilization and possibilities of quality improvement

Markström E., Bystedt A., Fredriksson M. & Sandberg D.

  Perceptions of Swedish architects and contractors for the use of bio-based building materials
Session II     
Marra M. & Guercini S.    Life cycle assessment of wood wool cement board using recycled wood
Paajanen O., Turunen H. & Peura J.   Preparing the life cycle assessment of wax modified wood products
Sandak A. & Sandak J.    End-of-life transformation strategies for bio-based building materials
Tellnes L.G.F    Potentials and barriers to increased wood products recycling in Norway
Dolezal F. & Boogman P.   Current state of the discussion between PEF and EPD as the preferable life cycle assessment scheme for wooden construction products
Session III     

Fodor F., Ábrahám J., Horváth N., Bak M., Csupor K., Komán S., Báder M., Lankveld C. & Németh R

  Modification methods of hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.) wood in order to achieve high-quality products 
Paoloni F., Ferrante T. & Villani T.    Wood pre-treatments: A short review 
Ferreira J., Herrera R., Esteves B. & Domingos L.   Thermally modified Pine boards - an environmental comparison of Portuguese and Spanish case studies
Janiszewska D., Sandak A., Sandak J. & Fellin M.    Wood liquefaction – An alternative way for end of life transformation of wood waste
Archilla-Santos H.F., Ansell M.P. & Walker P.   Elastic properties of thermos-hydro-mechanically modified bamboo (Guadua angustifolia Kunth) measured in tension
Rousek R. & Horáček P.    Influence of steaming at lower temperatures on permanent fixation of compressive deformation of densified wood
Session IV    
Straže A.   Hardness of thermally modified ash determined by static- and acousto-dynamic method

Elaieb M.T., Silveira A.E., Khouaja A., Chaar H., Mlaouhi A. & Pétrissans M.

  Study of thermal parameters from eucalyptus wood after heat treatment
Patricia Dos Santos S.B., Silvia Da Silva H.F, Gatto D.A. & Labidi J.   Colour changes of wood by two methods of aging

Demirel G.K., Temiz A., Demirel S., Jebrane M., Terziev N., Gezer E.D. & Ertas M.

  Dimensional stability and mechanical properties of epoxidized vegetable oils as wood preservatives
Németh R. & Bak M.    Long-term in service evaluation of strip parquet with modified wood face layers

Day 2 - 30 Sept. 2016

FP1407 training school and STSM session     
Räty T.    Introducing LCA to wood material practitioners – Feedback from the FP1407 Training school 2016
Peñaloza D. & Kutnar A.    Life cycle assessment of wooden windows with wax-treated frames
Neyses B., Rautkari L., Yamamoto A. & Sandberg D.   Reduction of the set-recovery of surface-densified Scots pine by pre-treatment with sodium silicate or sodium hydroxide 

Schwarzkopf M.J., Treu A., Tverezovskiy V., Williamson C., Burnard M. & Kutnar A.

  Chemically modified lampante oil as a wood preservation treatment
Griebeler C.G. De O., Tondi G., Schnabel T. & Iglesias C.    Effects of natural weathering on surface colour and cracking of thermally modified eucalyptus wood
Bekhta P., Krystofiak T., Lis B. & Proszyk S.    Evaluation of surface quality and adherence of thermally compressed and finished wood veneers
Kuzman M.K. & Sandberg D.    State of the art and future trends in timber-house technologies in Slovenia and Sweden
Poster Session     
Žlahtič M. & Humar M.    Surface properties of thermally wood after artificial and natural weathering
Akbas S., Temiz A. & Alma M.H.    Wood plastic composites made of recycled and remediated creosote treated wood - aspects on screw withdrawal properties
Aoues Y., Riahi H., Hamdi S.E., Moutou Pitti R. & Bastida E.    Optimal and reliable design of timber beams for a maximum breaking load considering thermal and hydrological effects
Silvia Da Silva H.F., Patricia Dos Santos S.B., Gatto D.A. & Labidi J.    Liquefaction of craft lignin using different solvents
Gurau L., Campean M. & Ispas M.   The influence of the heat treatment duration on the surface roughness of beech processed by planing
Hamada J., Bo-Jhih Lin, Pétrissans A., Wei-Hsin Chen, Gérardin P. & Pétrissans M.    Effect of silver fir forest management on radial density distribution, thermal behaviour and final quality of the heat treated wood
Herrera R., Gordobil O., Llano-Ponte R. & Labidi J.    Esterified lignin as hydrophobic agent for use on wood products 
Odounga B., Moutou Pitti R., Toussaint E. & Grédiac M.   Mode I fracture of tropical species using the grid method in constant environments: experimental results
Salan T. & Hakki Alma M.   A preliminary study on the delignification of the wood blocks via microwave assisted atmospheric organosolv method for the production of hemicellulosic scaffolds
Salca E.A. & Hiziroglu S   Evaluation of hardness of heat treated yellow poplar wood
Schnabel T., Haas R., Huber H. & Petutschnigg A.    Surface modification using infrared radiation
Silveira E.A., Pétrissans A., Caldeira-Pires A., Rousset P. & Pétrissans M.   Wood thermal degradation: Prediction of process parameters, solid mass yield, by two mathematical models
Svrzić S. & Mandić M.    Abrasive water jet cutting (AJWC): Wood material – Jet interaction.
Alma M.H. & Salan T.   Phenolation of wood and its applications for the production of engineered polymeric materials
Turunen H., Paajanen O. & Peura J.   Development of wood modification – High melting point wax and hot oil treatments
Burawska I. & Zbiec M.    Enhancement of low grade timber with synthetic materials
Session V    
Beesley L., Norton G. & Mollon L.   Mobility and toxicity of heavy metal(loid)s arising from contaminated wood ash application to soils
Fellin M., Negri M., Felicetti M. & Monsorno V.    Maintaining wood naturalness: production of biocompatible wooden floors and monitoring of heavy metals, voc, and radiation
Robles E., Herrera ., Gordobil O. & Labidi J.    Bio-cascading of heat treated wood after service life to obtain lignocellulosic derivatives
Berg A.    A novel wood impregnating agent 
Escamilla E.Z., Habert G. & Wohlmuth E.   CO2 the untapped resource. Life cycle assessment of glue-laminated wood solutions for housing in the Philippines