Presentations given at the Technical Workshop: Application of NIR spectroscopy in wood science and technology, on April 19-21 2016 at Trees and Timber Institute (IVALSA) in San Michele all’ Adige, Italy   


 Jakub Sandak
  General presentation of NIR technology in aspect of wood
 Paolo Belloni
  Bruker presentation
Emiliano Genorini
  Viavi presentation
Cosimo d'Andrea
  Shedding light on wood: time-resolved diffuse optical spectroscopy to characterize absorption and scattering
 Paolo Belloni
  Probe technology for in-situ NIR applications
Andreas Zitek
  Near Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging – background and application for wood characterization
 Guillermo Palacios
  Using NIR spectroscopy for the discrimination between Eucalyptus Nitens and E. Globulus
Andreas Zitek
  Detection and spectral characterization of resin pockets in spruce by FT-NIR Hyperspectral Imaging
Antonio Ruano
  Application of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to determine the Juvenile–Mature Wood transition in Spanish conifers used in construction
Martino Negri
  Biomass characterization towards contaminants
Agron Bajraktari
  Characterization of beech and oak wood supported with FT-NIR
Tereza Cristina Monteiro Pastore
  Identification of the origin of Big- leaf mahogany wood from five Latin American countries via NIRS and PLS-DA
Tahiana Ramananantoandro
  SPIRMADBOIS project : Use of NIRS for a sustainable management of forest resource in Madagascar
Jakub Sandak
   SLOPE: Integrated processing and control systems for sustainable forest production in mountain areas
Anna Sandak
  Biomaterials characterization with NIR
Bernhard Tapken
  Estimating the Weight Percent Gain of modified wood with Near Infrared and Raman spectroscopy
Mauro Bernabei
  Evaluation of wood veneers for furniture production by FT-NIR
Athanasios Dimitriou
  Application of NIR for evaluation of weathered samples from RR test
Ingunn Burud
  Weather degradation of thin wood samples assessed with NIR spectral imaging
Anna Rozanska
  The effectiveness of FT-NIR spectral analysis for determination the bio-based finishes
Vjekoslav Živković
  Characterization of wood surface degradation using FTIR, microtensile testing and colour measurements
Anna Sandak
  BIO4ever Bio-materials for building envelope - expected performance, life cycle costing & controlled degradation
Marina Cocchi
  NIR & Chemometrics: how to handle NIR signals, recover information and build models
Ingunn Burud
  NIR hyperspectral imaging of Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood
Joris Van Acker
  Near-Infrared (NIR) hyperspectral imaging at high resolution and the difficulty to calibrate for the three main wood components
Edgars Kuka
  Artificial weathering (QUV) of wood plastic composites made with thermally modified wood residues
Ignazia Cuccui
  Assessment of poplar veneers for plywood manufacturing after up-grading phase by vacuum thermal treatment
Dace Cirule
  Some colour characteristics of thermally modified wood
Emilia Salca
  Evaluation of heat treated black alder wood by FT-NIR
Marco Fellin
  Pollutants detection on waste wood using FT-IR-ATR
René Herrera
  Monitoring thermally modified wood performance by NIR. Case of study: surface treatment
Ottaviano Allegretti
  TV4NEWOOD - Thermovacuum: new process for generation of thermally modified wood