Upcoming event

FP1407 Training School


When: 26-28. April 2016

Where: Jokiniemenkuja 1, Vantaa, Finland


The goal:

The goal of the training is to support students/researches at their early steps in LCA studies on wood products. This is especially important for the modified wood, while modification improves the performance of wood, the treatments and used chemicals increase the environmental and economic load of the modified wood.

We do not expect you to have any experience on LCA before attending the schools. However, you might have had in mind your own modification process, or some general issues connected to modification and their environmental impacts.  After this short course you should have tools to study these issues and know where to ask more information or what to ask for.  

The coursework

The coursework consists on introduction to LCA, use of LCA software and a number of real world cases of LCA and EPD in particular. 

Even if we have very limited time available, we will work also for the student projects. The students are asked to send us in advance their own suggestion for project they would like to start working with or find especially important. The instructors will choose a number of projects that will be further developed in teams of 2-3- students with SimaPro or on paper, depending of the readiness level of the proposal.

We have a computer laboratory with 9+1 computers (fits 18) and SimaPro licenses for use.

Important dates

-Apply for the course by 23. March.  The organizer will inform all the applicants on approval by 24. March.

-Coursework starts 26. April at 8:00 am and closes 28. April at 12:00


Apply for the course at this link.



Luke premises in Tikkurila (former Metla head-quaters). Tikkurila is well served by trains from the airport (8 mins) as well as Helsinki downtown (20 mins) or Tampere. 


Additional information

The number of students is limited to 15. Priority is given according to the early stage researcher status, applicants from cost inclusiveness countries, the motivation letter and gender balance.

Additional information including, lodging available here.