COST Action FP1407 WG4 Workshop

Workshop treatment methods, including manufacturers and sales & production


4 February 2019, Koper, Slovenia

The COST Action FP1407 Workshop is an opportunity to bring together industrial members and researchers in the field of wood modification. Companies from around the world will present their technologies and products, and there will be discussions on future research needs in the sector. Of course there is the hope that this may lead to new collaborations. Bringing together industry and researchers is a wonderful end to FP1407 and indicates that the FP1407 network is sustainable. You are kindly invited to to join us! 


Workshop Program

The program is available to download



To register please submit the registration form no later than 1st of February, 2019. The workshop is free to attend, but it is necessary to register in advance. 


The conference will be held at the University of Primorksa in Koper, Slovenia.

Venue: Glagoljaška 8, 6000 Koper in lecture room VP1 (first floor)


Conference Organizers

The conference is organized by the University of Primorka and the InnoRenew CoE.

Please send any questions or comments to andreja.kutnar@upr.si



Reaching Koper

Airports:  The closest airports to Koper are:

Shuttle service: The easiest way to get to Koper from any of the above airports is to take a shuttle service, for example GoOpti transport. You can make the reservation for transfer directly to your hotel. Prices can be particularly good if the shuttle is booked well in advance (1-2 months).

Bus or train: If you decide against the shuttle service, you can travel by bus or train. If you fly to Ljubljana Airport, you can get a bus to Ljubljana and from there take a train or bus to Koper.

Some useful links:


Hotels in Koper

Hotels in a walking distance from the venue:

Garni Hotel Pristan: Ferrarska ulica 30; SI-6000 Koper

Hotel Koper: Pristaniška 3; SI-6000 Koper

Bio Hotel Koper: Vanganelska cesta 2; SI-6000 Koper

City Hotel Vodišek: Kolodvorska cesta 2; SI-6000 Koper

Hostel Museum: Muzejski trg 6; SI-6000 Koper


Other hotels (taxi ride needed):

Hotel Belvedere: Dobrava 1a, SI- 6310 Izola

Hotel Marina: Veliki trg 11, 6310 Izola