Think outside of the wooden box! PhD Workshop Hamburg – COST Action FP1407

“Advanced understanding of the structural influences of bio-based lignocellulosic materials - Future industrial applications in high added value wood modification products.”

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When:  Monday 3rd – Wednesday, 5th July 2017

Where:  University Hamburg
Centre of Wood Science and Technology
Leuschnerstraße 91 c
21031 Hamburg, Germany

Note:  Participants will receive a certificate with 4 CP.

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Wood as a porous, three dimensional, hygroscopic, viscoelastic and anisotropic bio-polymer
composite is not yet understood completely. The gap in fundamental understanding of the
highly complex anatomical, chemical and physical structure of lignocellulosic materials
constrains the development of innovative wood-based products.
The European wood-based panel and composite sector is composed of cost-driven industries,
which lack the high-performance products that are required by an emerging bio-economy.
Young researchers in independent research institutions are urged to generate, deliver and
connect knowledge, which then drives real innovation in the industry. Environmental friendly
building materials require elevated resistance to physical and chemical factors as well as
biodegrading agents. Especially wood modification and bio-composite design aim at enhancing
product performance. Extending the life span of these products enables the European market to
strengthen cascade utilization, hence broadening the resource base, storing carbon dioxide and
saving process energy in the long-term.
The PhD workshop in Hamburg aims at connecting ideas of young researchers, active in adjacent
topics such as process engineering, building physics, wood and material science. Following a
holistic hands-on strategy, the programme involves specialists from the wood biology, chemistry
and physics. Addressing topics such as anatomical analysis, physical and chemical modification
as well as characterization, the workshop intends to cross-link the participants’ competences.
The environmental impact will be investigated via the assessment of wood and modified wood
This shall yield an advanced knowledge on how wood structure influences behaviour of
renewable high-performance biomaterials. The results of the workshop may lead to ideas
outside of the “wooden box”, benefiting each partner institute as well as the sector as a whole.



The target group for this workshop are researchers in the PhD phase and early post-doc
researchers. The COST FP1407 will reimburse 15 selected participants with the fix grant of
750 EUR. The priority will be given to EU13 and gender balance.
Application should be sent as a single document pdf containing CV, motivation letter (max. 150
words) and a research abstract (max. 150 words). Please send us your application latest by 1st
June, 2017 to the e-mail address: phd-cost.min@uni-hamburg.de. The successful candidates will
be announced on 5th June, 2017.