The project, BIO4ever, seeks collaborators

The Bio4ever project is a multi-disciplinary research project dedicated to filling gaps of knowledge on some fundamental properties of novel bio-based building materials. The overall goal is to assure sustainable development of the wood-related construction industry, taking into consideration environmental, energy, socio-economic and cultural issues.

Bio4ever is planning to investigate the performance of the novel bio-based building materials used for building envelopes. Special attention will be focused on products coupling different materials and those subjected to bulk and/or surface treatments. The set of selected bio-based materials will include:

  • Thermally modified wood with varying treatment technologies (steam, vacuum, oil)
  • Bio-based panels
  • Wood-plastic composites
  • Chemically modified wood (acetylated, furfurylated)
  • Tannin/silane/silicone/biocides-impregnated wood
  • Wood coated with innovative coatings (including nano-products)
  • Other alternative bio-products that might be used for building facades.

Investigated bio-materials will be characterized before and during degradation by biotic and abiotic agents. The experimental data obtained will be used for development of the numerical models simulating the material deterioration in a function of time and exposition. As an output the software dedicated for investors, architects, construction engineers, professional builders, suppliers and final customers, simulating bio-materials performance, degradation and end-of-life in severe operating environments will be developed. Additionally the optimal solution for disposal of each of investigated bio-materials from environmental point of view will be provided.


Available positions

Position 1 – Junior assistant


  • Master degree in architecture, wood technology, forestry, materials science, physics, applied informatics or similar
  • Experience in characterization of biomaterials and evaluation of their environmental impact

Additional information available.


Position 2 – Post-doctoral assistant


  • PhD degree in architecture, engineering & architecture, wood technology, forestry, materials science, physics, applied informatics or similar
  • Experience in multi-sensor characterization of materials, preferably of biological origin, data mining, signal processing, chemometry and numerical simulation of materials and/or process modeling
  • Good peer-review publication record 

 Additional information available. 


BIO4ever can offer to you detailed, multi-level characterization of your materials for free. If you are interested in contributing/collaborating, please contact Anna Sandak for more details,

Via Biasi 75
38010 San Michele all’Adige (TN)