COST Action FP1407 links science and industry

COST Action FP1407 “Understanding wood modification through an integrated scientific and environmental impact approach is aware of the importance of collaboration with different stakeholders, therefore it strives to make new connections between industry and research.

For example, FP1407 is presented on the website of Kreativni Center Za Les Slovenije (Creative Center for Wood in Slovenia).  The objective of the center is to achieve greater competitiveness and economic performance of the Slovenian wood industry.

The link between scientific excellence, FP1407, and the wood industry is evidenced by this article in a Hungarian forest industry publication. It details the collaboration between The Simonyi Karoly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts, the wood industry, and COST Action FP1407. Exchanging knowledge and ideas with industry and public is an important function of FP1407, and this partnership does exactly that.