COST Action FP1407 WG1 and WG4 meeting “Wood modification in Europe: processes, products, applications”


26th February 2018, Firenze, Italy

**UPDATED -  Available to download:
Conference Proceedings from the meeting.
Conference Presentations from the meeting.


The meeting will present the state of the art of modification technologies around Europe, production capacity and practical applications developed in the different countries. The meeting is coorganised by COST Action FP1407, University of Florence GESAAF, CNR IVALSA, University of Basilicata SAFE, SISEF Wood and Forest Products and Operations Group. A total number of 18 countries will present at the meeting.


For any question do not hesitate to contact Giacomo Goli (giacomo.goli@unifi.it).



Please complete and return this form by email to giacomo.goli@unifi.it.
The deadline for registration is 2nd February 2018.


Preliminary Program and additional information

The preliminary program is available.

Additional information can be found here.

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Local organizers: Giacomo Goli, Ottaviano Allegretti, Luigi Todaro, Jakub Sandak, Paola Cetera, Teresa Lovaglio, Francesco Negro

Scientific committee: Giacomo Goli, Jakub Sandak, Luigi Todaro, Otaviano Allegretti, Anna Sandak, Dick Sandberg, Edo Kegel,
Dennis Jones, Mike Burnard, Marco Fioravanti, Marco Togni, Andreja Kutnar